Live. In your app. Face-to-face on iOS

Today, we are changing the face of iOS applications.

With the introduction of the OpenTok iOS SDK, we are bringing the power, emotion and engagement of face-to-face video to legions of Objective-C developers and to the apps they build.

15 months ago, we started a journey towards making face-to-face video a first-class citizen on the web. Between our developer-facing APIs and our end-user-targeted plug-and-play applications, OpenTok has brought life to more than 40,000 websites.

From day 1, we never thought that OpenTok was limited to the web — the web was just a good place to start. Face-to-face is all about making digital experiences more human. And what’s more human these days than the fluid, physical interfaces to smartphone and tablet apps? They are the perfect complement to the increased engagement, emotion and connectedness that face to face video brings to the party.

We’ve been listening to you. So we know that native iOS support is a big deal, no question about it. We know it’s going to get a lot of you excited. But today’s announcement is about more than just iOS.

To make OpenTok fully interoperable (yes, your OpenTok-powered iPhone or iPad apps seamlessly communicate with your OpenTok-powered websites), the TokBox team has been working very hard to transparently evolve our cloud infrastructure on many levels. Some of those changes will soon ripple back to benefit the OpenTok web environment. Together, they pave the way for an OpenTok ecosystem that is completely endpoint neutral and that takes advantage of the best technology available on each platform we target.

We do all of this so that you can focus all your energy on the application you have been dreaming about. The applications we want to see. So go get your hands dirty. Download the SDK and take a walk through the documentation. Ask us questions on the forums; give us feedback on IRC. And play with the apps that our early access developers will soon have in the App Store.

But first, please join me in welcoming the OpenTok iOS SDK to the world.

And OpenTok — say hello to your new friends.