The Live Video Experience – Webinar Series

Live Video Experience - Webinar Series

We invite you to join our first Live Video Experience webinar on September 20th 2017 at 10am Pacific for a unique opportunity to hear from guest speakers Sai Hossain, CEO of Crowdcast, and Dylan Jhaveri, CTO of Crowdcast. They will share the disruptive impact of live video and streaming technology on the webinar industry and new ways in which people are interacting globally today.

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TokBox is pleased to announce our new monthly series of educational webinar events: “The Live Video Experience”. Live Video is exploding globally across all kinds of applications, novel use cases and vertical industries, including healthcare, education, robotics, customer care, sports, entertainment, broadcasting, fintech, insurtech and more. The social revolution has now put live video communications into the hands of over 3 billion social app users worldwide. Every app developer and architect now has to ask: “how will live video and other real-time communications between my users or with my company take place within my applications?” At TokBox, we happen to believe that the answer is a rich live video platform as a service!

Crowdcast webinar

We are very pleased to have Sai and Dylan come talk with us at our first webinar. We will be using Crowdcast as our webinar platform for our ongoing Live Video Experience series, and Crowdcast also uses the TokBox platform (case study), including our latest high-scale interactive broadcast features. So all very meta. is disrupting the webinar industry by making everything extraordinary simple, allowing all kinds of non-technical people – individuals, teachers, small businesses, and community groups, as well as more sophisticated companies – to get started in minutes and start hosting rich interactive webinars. For example, the founder of Elle and Company runs her own weekly entrepreneurial webinars and wrote a fun article about her experience of using Crowdcast.  You can follow her webinars here. Elsewhere on Crowdcast you will find spiritual seminars, communities, and all kinds of personal and business training, as well as companies like TokBox. And by attending our webinar, you will also get to experience Crowdcast for yourself first-hand.

Going forward, our Live Video Experience webinar series will focus on customer needs, disruptive market forces, use-case analysis and user experience design – so not technical feature focused. Our goal is that all live video practitioners, developers and architects should get value from these educational events, particularly by seeing what others are doing, helping you drive success in your business. Each month we plan to cover one of the following topic areas:

  • Live Video in Action – where we explore use cases and design decisions by talking to innovative app developers (starting this month with Crowdcast).
  • Live Video Industry Trends – where we seek to understand the impact and future directions of live video across industries by talking to industry experts.
  • Live Video Technologies – where we take a broad look at new technology innovations, of all kinds, and how they may disrupt today’s application assumptions.

Each webinar will have Q&A and live side-chat, where we also aim to keep them focused at 40 minutes long. We hope you will become a regular and active participant, starting this month on September 20th – so sign up today!