Making the Telehealth Opportunity Simple for Private Practice

telehealth for private practice with SimplePractice

We’ve written before about the possibilities available via live video to improve access to vital health services. While we see a lot of adoption in large hospital chains, telehealth for private practice presents an important opportunity to increase access to a whole range of health and wellness services.

Existing software providers know that telehealth is coming. More and more are adapting their platforms to react to the demand of their customers: doctors, therapists, dietitians and more.

Take SimplePractice. Their practice management software is well-known and well-loved by over 20,000 health and wellness professionals. So when their loyal customer base started talking about using live video for sessions, SimplePractice knew that they could make the experience great – by integrating live video sessions tightly into the workflow these practices were already familiar with.

The Challenge: Health and Wellness Professional Meets Business Owner

When we consult a doctor, therapist or counselor, we focus first and foremost on their specialist knowledge and training. However, behind the scenes, many professionals are also small business owners. These private practice owners juggle client sessions with the administrative side of running the practice, scheduling, billing, documentation, and client communication.

That’s where SimplePractice comes in. The purpose designed, intuitive interface makes it easy for providers to manage all these moving parts while devoting their undivided attention to client  care. As telehealth services become more and more commonplace, SimplePractice wanted to make it as easy as possible for providers to grasp the opportunity offered by live video sessions.

They knew that the live video service would need to be integrated directly into their existing platform and slot seamlessly into the workflows that their many customers already love so much. That means no downloads, no extra logins or passwords, and an easy to use interface where everything is available at the fingertips.

“The video quality is great, the process is seamlessly integrated for existing Simple Practice users, and I like how well it’s managed within my Simple Practice schedule. The Telehealth app has a clean and clear UI that works really well with the main Simple Practice app as well, which is nice.”– Brandice Schnabel MSW LISW-S

telehealth for private practice session with simple practice

Why OpenTok: Safe, Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Some users confess that before SimplePractice came along, they were contacting clients via text message. A simple method, but majorly lacking in security.

One of the big benefits for practice owners of adopting the SimplePractice platform is that all forms of communications are completely secure. Providers no longer need to worry about whether their client communications are kept safe. So SimplePractice knew that when they added a live video platform, they needed one that could offer the highest levels of security.

The OpenTok platform offered the HIPAA compliance needed to maintain the reputation of SimplePractice as a leader in secure practice management software. Their customers can add video sessions to their offering and focus on providing great quality care.

Although security is paramount, the user experience is also a key component of the SimplePractice platform. The team has worked hard to create software which really fits into the way that a practice works. The work has paid off, with tens of thousands of loyal customers.

To be truly useful, the video communication needed to be available across devices on web and mobile. Thanks to the OpenTok interoperable SDKs, live video sessions can take place no matter which devices the professional and client are using.

telehealth for private practice SimplePractice practice management platform

The Impact: Bringing Telehealth to the Number 1 Practice Management Platform

Thanks to years working with private practice owners, SimplePractice is really on the pulse when it comes to the future direction of health and wellness. And video is a key component.

The addition of remote sessions via video to the existing platform opens up new possibilities for SimplePractice’s customers. As telehealth for private practice becomes common place, this addition means that providers can continue to use the practice management platform that they have built their practices around without looking for additional solutions. And even better, they can extend the reach of their practice beyond where they are physically located.

“I had my first telehealth session today with a client! It was so easy for me and the client! Everything worked great! Woohoo! I offered it to one of my current clients who is about to have surgery and will be unable to come in for 6 weeks. She was happy with how it went so is willing to do it after her surgery.”

– Neriza Candelario LCSW-C

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