MashMeTV Offers Video Chat + Collaboration and More

When the OpenTok API was first developed, the team wanted to find partners that appreciated the ‘out of the box’ offering. Why plunk a Brady Bunch style video chat on a website when you can customize it to best suit your design needs?

Over the past year we’ve been fortunate enough to find those rebel-rousers that are willing to mix it up and push the limits. One of our newest partners, MashMeTV has really taken our mantra of pushing the limits to…well…the limit. And for that, we dub them App of the Week.

MashMeTV offers a group video conference service that has integrated collaboration and social experiences directly into the chat. It’s features range from playing media, taking polls, collaborating on a document, co-browsing the web and more.

The greatest part about MashMeTV is the awesome user experience. They have leveraged perhaps every OpenTok video stream feature we’ve made available to create a seamless experience for their users.

How exactly?

1)   Customization: Square video streams don’t always work best. So what did MashMeTV do? They threw some rectangles into the mix when needed. Rounded corners? Why not.

2)   Sizing: MashMeTV dynamically changes the size of their video streams based upon the activity taking place within the call. For example, if a new person joins an existing video chat, adding the fourth stream will dynamically re-size all video streams to better fit within the experience.  Playing media, or using one of their many collaboration tools will do the same.

3)   Placement: When using collaboration features, the video streams should be secondary. So as soon as a participant uses one of these features, all streams move to the top of the page so give content the spotlight.

See it all in action here:

Victor Sanchez, Co-Founder of MashMeTV said:

“When we first created MashMeTV we thought video integration would take us months. When we discovered the OpenTok API, we were amazed that it offered everything we were looking for. In just a few short days we had a fully functional prototype…”

We recommend you try it out for yourself, or watch Telefonica use it. Sólo si usted habla español.