Mozilla expands experimental WebRTC communications feature into Firefox Beta

webrtc_logoWe know readers of this blog are enthusiasts and thought leaders when it comes to WebRTC implementations. Three months ago Mozilla launched its own experimental WebRTC feature powered by OpenTok into its Firefox Nightly channel. Now they’re calling on you to get involved and test it out as they release it into Firefox Beta.

Since launching this experimental feature it has evolved, and will continue to evolve, but the goal remains the same, to make audio and video communications simple and connect everyone with a WebRTC enabled browser.

This is an early chance to have a good look at what they’re doing and, in keeping with Mozilla’s release schedule, gather your feedback while they also carry out increased testing around greater user-capacity.

So please give it a try and provide feedback on anything you think would make the experience better for you.

You can give the feature a test drive by following these instructions.  You’ll notice the product feature identified by a phone icon on the toolbar.  They are still in the testing and experimental phase and plan to continue iterating on the feature before making it available to a wider audience.

If you encounter any bugs make sure to file them to help them improve performance, features and more.

We’ll keep you posted as this experiment continues to grow.

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