Mozilla releases experimental WebRTC app for Firefox using OpenTok


**July 25 UPDATE Since launching their experimental service powered by OpenTok over a month ago, Mozilla has received a lot of positive feedback. As of today, they are making the WebRTC feature available through Aurora so that they can gather feedback from even more users. It’s important to note that they are still in the testing and experimental phase and are keen to get your feedback as always. We’ll keep you posted as the feature develops.**

TokBox has always believed in the power of WebRTC to change the way that people communicate in the digital world. Not just in browsers, but also on phones and other connected devices as well as the amazing devices of the future that we know are coming.

WebRTC is transformative.

 During the past two years, the TokBox team has been working hard to advance the WebRTC standard for the development community. We’ve made the standard more accessible and actionable through the OpenTok platform (credit fayeun), giving developers all the features and functionality they need to deliver a robust, scalable WebRTC-powered application or website in the real world.

We’re proud to work with Mozilla to develop a new experimental service that aims to connect everyone with a WebRTC-enabled browser, leveraging the OpenTok platform for WebRTC video and voice.

This service will soon be accessible in Firefox Nightly.  If you’re interested in trying this first hand once it’s released, you can download the Nightly version of Firefox here:

You can read more about it from Mozilla here. There’s not much to add at stage. We are excited to help move the standard forward with Mozilla and will keep you posted as things progress.  In the meantime, would love your feedback.