Music Hack Day Recap

This last weekend we hosted Music Hack Day at our office in San Francisco. As a result of a collaborative effort on behalf of the people at Music Hack Day, the Echo Nest, SoundCloud, Song Kick, the TokBox team, and many others, the event was an astounding success. More than 150 developers showed up to create 55 awesome hacks over the weekend.

Music Hack Day @ TokBox HQ. Image provided by Thomas Bonte.

The event emitted an open and collaborative spirit, bringing together talented developers from around the world to leverage dozens of freely available APIs. The synergistic environment fostered creation of an assortment of new music technology. You can check out links and descriptions of the hacks that were created here.

Thomas Bonte (who took the picture above) used the OpenTok Drupal Module to create MuseScore sessions, a website for online music lessons using embedded music scores and video chat.

MuseScore Sessions – online music lessons with video and sheet music.

I was truly overwhelmed by the amount of talent and enthusiasm shown by the hackers in attendance. Much appreciation to all event organizers. I can’t wait until the next event.