Music Hack Day

Tequila sunrise making robot.

We hosted Music Hack Day (our 2nd time!) at our homey little office last weekend.

We had a blast, and looks like most people did too.

Hacker down.

Here were some of our favorites hacks:

  • SpinAmp:  WinAmp inside Spotify! It works and everything!
  • Tabber:  This team took guitars apart and put LEDs on the neck that can be controlled from mobile devices.  The lights help you learn how to play songs and scales (and also look cool).
  •  Chinese Whispers (er, “Telephone” here in the USA) – the online game, powered by SoundCloud.  This hack was partly our favorite because we sat next to the team and watched them in action the whole time.

    Blurry, because they are rocking out so hard.

  • BandIt:  A visually gorgeous hack that serves up tracks based on a combination of your tastes and your friends’.   This used the super-secret Zvooq API which we are told is going to be huge.  That’s all we know. Tell your friends.
  • Aeolus:  This one is hard to explain (from the wiki: “Face tracking mouth blowing woodwind notes through cosmic fluids”, doesn’t help much) but the video is useful, and very funny.
  • Musaic: Discover new songs through album covers.  Ian who is our new bestie at Rdio built this and it sure is purty.

Our favorite favorites were hacks that used our OpenTok API:

  • Our brand new developer evangelist Song built Valentine V-card, which he’s since polished up and you can play with here.
  • LetsListen:  A group listening hack (more on this later…) .  The LetsListen team built a video chat feature and launched it, live, and didn’t even need to ask us for help over the weekend, not once.
  • Lovegram:  A video messaging app which sends a song to your loved one.
  • ChatWithTheBand: Dan at ChatWithTheBand already had OpenTok integrated well before Music Hack Day, but this time he added an awesome SoundCloud integration which lets artists share music synchronously with the audience.
  • Song Roulette: Winner of the TokBox Prize: they built a Spotify app which popped users into video chat rooms with others listening to the same artist.

A little creepy! Still awesome!

Emre did not move from his seat the whole night.

Emre and Petter at 3 am.


Petter at 5:20 am

Petter only moved to ask Song a question about OpenTok

Some one asked us the next day at SF Music Tech why we host Music Hack Day. We’re not what you’d think of as a core music API — but we love music and hacking as much as anyone there and can’t wait till everyone’s collaborating on music and hacks around the world over realtime video.  One day…

For now, we’re just happy to be part of the family.  Many thanks to our friends at the Echo Nest — the primary organizer of Music Hack Days in the US and the nicest, smartest, passionatest people around– for letting us in on it.