New Custom Layout Controls for Content Creators

In addition to powering live video experiences, TokBox is also in the business of making it simple to create content. Whether it’s for a social live stream that is delivered to millions of viewers, or a webinar recorded for post-event distribution, the OpenTok platform makes it possible. 

There is no one-size-fits-all video layout that accommodates this wide range of use cases. You wouldn’t use the same UI/UX for a broadcast app as you would a customer service app, right? Developers using our platform need adequate control and flexibility to create UI/UX optimized for their experience. 

For this reason, we’re excited to release new REST APIs to customize video layout for content creators using the Archiving API and Broadcast API for HLS & RTMP. Now developers using these two features can create a custom layout using CSS, or select one of the following prebuilt layouts:

1. Default, best-fit or “Brady Bunch”

Layout Controls - The OpenTok Platform

BestFit-Layout the OpenTok Platform






2. Picture-in-picture

Layout Controls picture in picture - The OpenTok Platform

Picture-in-Picture Layout the OpenTok platform

3. Vertical Presentation

Layout Controls vertical presentation - The OpenTok Platform

Vertical Presentation-Layout the OpenTok platform




4. Horizontal Presentation

Layout Controls horizontal presentation - The OpenTok Platform

Horizontal Presentation-Layout the OpenTok platform






Want to give it a try? We’ve added support for the REST API in our Playground tool so you can quickly see it in action for both Archiving & Broadcast feature. If you’d like to dig into the API documentation can be found in the Archiving & Broadcast section.  

As always if you have any feedback or questions feel free to contact us by emailing