OpenTok 2.0 Archiving API pricing and storage announcement


Here at TokBox we are always trying to expand and improve our range of features, tailoring these features in line with real world developer needs.  That’s why we are excited to announce some pricing and storage updates.

We’re still receiving a lot of feedback on our beta so we’d like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to our community for this.

In addition to improving existing features and functionality, there are a few important things we’d like to tell you about:


  • Storage:
    • Through the Dashboard you can setup an Amazon S3 integration for storage.
    • The OpenTok Cloud will serve as a backup for your recordings during the beta period (with no time limit).
    • Files recorded during the beta period will be deleted from the OpenTok Cloud once the Archiving API goes into production in mid-June. There will be no way to recover these files.
  • Server SDKs:
    • The Server SDKs for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python and .Net have been updated to follow the best practices and now include Archiving API integration.
  • Archiving in the Dashboard: (Coming later this week!)
    • Soon you will be able to monitor and audit your Archiving activity by reviewing file size, status, date, and other essential information directly in your developer dashboard.
    • You will be able to set up archive event notifications by registering a callback URL in the dashboard.

Archiving API in Production:

  • Storage:
    • If customers do not set up Amazon S3 integration their archives will be directly uploaded to the OpenTok Cloud and stored for 72 hours.  They will then be automatically deleted after that time period has lapsed.
  • Pricing:
    • The Archiving API will be priced at $.035 per recorded minute for any number of subscribers or publishers.
    • Pricing will not go into effect until Archiving goes into production in mid-June.
    • Customers looking to archive in large volumes should contact BizDev@tokbox to ask about discounts.

We look forward to hearing what you guys think. To learn more go here.