Update: March 13, 2014 – Please note that this blog post references the archiving functionality in our OpenTok 1.0 platform. This feature is no longer being supported. Learn more about archiving using our OpenTok 2.0 platform.

A few weeks ago, added new features that allowed users to record video directly from their webcam into their cloud storage using OpenTok’s standalone recorder. What a cool integration! I can now leave video messages for myself everyday.

That very weekend, I attended the box hackathon and met the very cool guys from Filepicker. After speaking with them, I realized that OpenTok’s archiving capabilities integrates snugly with their api, especially with the recent release of our stitching API. And just like that, OpenTok Picker is born.

OpenTok Picker is a demo app that showcases our archiving API and Filepicker’s file upload API. Go to OpenTok Picker, give the generated url to your friend/coworker/chihuahua and do some awesome stuff together!

Click on the big ‘Record’ button to record videos, and then click on the big ‘Download’ to store the recorded archive to your computer or any of your cloud services directly.

The entire source code for the app is available on Github for developers to use and learn.

Happy Tuesday!

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