OpenTok iOS SDK 2.3.0 is released, including iOS 8 support!


Today, we are excited to announce that version 2.3.0 of the OpenTok iOS SDK is available to our developers.

In addition to support for iOS 8 and Xcode 6, we also want to share details about additional new mobile features which we’ve outlined below.

  • Build Voice-optimized experiences: Audio Levels API and UI best practice example. See more.
  • Audio Driver API: implement custom Audio I/O in your app.
  • Support for the armv7s architecture.
  • Support for the iOS Simulator.
  • Intelligent Quality Control features:
    • Video recovery from audio-only fallback.
    • Connection Quality API: a warning callback to notify that audio-only fallback is eminent.
    • Audio-only fallback redesign.

Learn more about OpenTok iOS SDK 2.3.0 here.

Checking camera access permissions in iOS 8

In iOS 8, apps using versions 2.2.1 and earlier of the OpenTok iOS SDK will crash if the end-user denies application access to the camera. This crash is fixed in version 2.3.0. However, we recommend you check for camera access app permissions prior to publishing and, if access is denied, give feedback to the end-user about setting app access permissions. (An end-user can enable access to the camera via the iOS Settings: Privacy > Camera.)

The end-user is asked to grant access to the camera for any app requesting it.  You may control when this prompt is shown by using [AVCaptureDevice requestAccessForMediaType:completionHandler:] with AVMediaTypeVideo, which will give the prompt on first run.  Subsequent calls will execute the completion handler with the user’s stored preference.