OpenTok now on PhoneGap

Today we’re taking real time video on mobile by storm with the launch of our PhoneGap plugin. Don’t want to code in a statically typed language (Objective-C)? We got your back.

For a long time we’ve provided a video chat API for web apps and we’ve seen interesting applications. Remote photo-booth, online collaboration, consultation apps, you name it!

A few months ago, we opened up a whole new realm of possibilities with an iOS SDK and even more interesting applications emerged. Unfortunately, iOS developers and web developers dance to different tunes and web developers watched in envy as iOS developers greedily hacked away on mobile applications with OpenTok API. Remote controlled robots, live event broadcasts, mobile consultations, etc.

Today, we bring PhoneGap Plugin to web developers. No need to draw on StoryBoards on XCode, use HTML/CSS! If you like Twitter Bootstrap, use it the same way as you would when you build web applications. Can’t code javascript without jQuery? Add the script tag for jQuery and GO! There are no barriers. Use the same web APIs that you love ( Pusher, Mashery, …, OpenTok) seamlessly on your mobile apps. It just works!

To make it dead simple for web developers, we made the PhoneGap javascript work almost identically to our web API. If you have ever tried our getting started Tutorial, then you are ready to build an OpenTok iOS application. Let’s get started!

Start with our PhoneGap github page. Go through the readme, it has installation instructions. It only took me 4 minutes, and I have video to prove it. Try it out, let us know what you think!

If you catch any bugs, tweet at me and I’ll squash it.