OpenTok Server SDKs – What’s new?

OpenTok Server SDKs

 In an effort to make our APIs more accessible and easy to use, we’ve spent some time improving all six of our server SDKs. The OpenTok Server SDKs provide a convenient way to to interact with the OpenTok REST API in a variety of languages. Please note that these enhancements will not break your implementation should you choose to upgrade.

Before these recent changes, you would have to use the OpenTok Server SDK along with the REST API to accomplish some tasks. For example, if you wanted to dial out to a SIP client, you would have to use a server SDK to generate a token, but you would have to use the REST API to make the dial call. We’ve improved the workflow for this so you only need to use a server SDK to interact with the OpenTok REST APIs. We’ve also added the ability to archive in HD and have added support for broadcasting features so you can control your OpenTok application through one library.

For more information on the release notes, please check out the repos below:

As we continue to evolve and add more features, we will continue to add support for REST API through the server SDKs. Considering that these server SDKs are open source projects, I encourage everyone to participate and help improve them.

If you’d like to see us add support for other languages, please reach out us at