OpenTok Update – First week progress

OpenTok is still new to the world, but we’re already getting some traction in the media as well as a slew of interest from developers. Some stories from the trenches over the first few days:

  • We’ve had two code submissions – one is a CodeIgniter plugin, and the second is a .NET SDK. We’re working on cleaning up both, and then we will share them with the world
  • Developer Vince Duquette, who had invested some time in the call widget API, e-mailed us this morning to say that he’s already switched over to the OpenTok API and that, “the new Open Tok API is badass!! Exactly what I was looking for. I love all the control I have on the client side. I already have a prototype up and running.”
  • We saw a remarkable number of staging API keys requested in the first few days since we’ve launched the OpenTok API, and a number of you are ready to launch your own applications. If that doesn’t show how simple it is to use OpenTok, then I don’t know what will.
  • 4 partners launched with us on Monday. We’ve already profiled Assembla and WinkVid, and we will give you a sneak peek into TutorTrove very soon. Our fourth launch partner was TheRealNews Network, who will bring video chat debate to trending news topics.
  • TokBox hosted a booth at the Web2.0 Summit at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, and saw great interest from a variety of folks. Healthcare, banking, media and even someone from the IMF swung by to check out the OpenTok showcase applications. Clearly the limits of what OpenTok can do have not yet been discovered.

Now, we’d like some input back from the community. Our next blog post is going to be building a sample application that you want, and then walking through the code to show how we did it. Please leave suggestions in the comments, and we’ll pick our favorite, and then write about it.

The commenter who provides the chosen sample application will be sent an OpenTok t-shirt as a thank you for the idea.