OpenTok User Diagnostic Tool and Library

A number of developers have asked for ways to help end users diagnose potential problems that disallow them from being able to successfully video chat using OpenTok. A while ago we introduced a troubleshooter page that test a user’s network, hardware, and software to check things like ports, camera, and Flash version to be sure that they have what they need in order to use OpenTok.

While this tool has been useful for diagnosing problems, one obvious pitfall is that you have to send your users to our website—away from your experience.

To get over this pitfall, we’ve written a JavaScript library that exposes the same data that we use on our troubleshooter page so that you can build your own “green room” type experiences in your application, without having to send users over to our website.

To get the library and see what kind of data you can get, head to the GitHub repo here.