Our first OpenTok Contest: The best of the rest

Back in February we announced our first Developer Contest and got a great response from the Developer Community.  Today we announced our winner, My Meeting Hub, but we also wanted to give another shout out to the runners up in the contest who created some great apps. In alphabetical order….

Dibake – just a a great tool for starting live, face-to-face debates around important, trending topics.

Knowism – since their first submission in week 3 of the contest and their subsequent win, Deverraux and team actually evolved the product to become the Knowism platform with two products. The first, Knowism, allows you to find experts via LinkedIn and video chat with them directly within the context of their LinkedIn profile.  The second, Instandup, allows you to hold “stand up” meetings with your team.  What’s cool is that only one person can talk at a time and when you hand over the baton, an image of a crown appears over the person who now has the floor!

LiveLearn.tv – makes learning accessible.  It allows students to connect with teachers and also lets students collaborate with each other.  Once they won their round of the contest they went on to add an instant call feature (as well as the scheduled call one they had already) and also the ability to upload presentations.  Check it out.

Walking Heads – a game where your video stream is the head for your avatar.  Your avatar can explore the virtual world and meet people by taking special teleporters from room to room where you can play a series of mini-games. Since their first submission and “weekly win”, they’ve added more games for you to check out.

We’ll be launching our next Developer Contest imminently, so stay tuned.