The Pre-call Test: Our New Performance Diagnostic Tool

Pre-call Test - OpenTok platform

A new tool to test connectivity, expected call quality, client hardware, and client software

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or have a social app, it’s likely you’ve had difficulties gathering diagnostic data from end-users. There are components beyond live video and basic app errors that can trip up an experience – network performance, low quality devices and more. In addition, the huge diversity among users’ system configurations means that there is no one-size fits all cause for errors.

We believe a big part of our job as your live video platform provider is to give you the tools you need to understand (in advance) call performance. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new and improved Pre-call Test (formerly known as the Connectivity Doctor). Using network condition data, the new Pre-call Test tool will help you preemptively diagnose problems that your end-users may encounter as a result of poor connectivity. It will help you answer important questions like, “will my application work where it needs to?” and “what will the call quality be?”

You can use this diagnostic web tool without installing any software to run a small collection of tests that verify hardware & software setup, connectivity to OpenTok servers, network limitations, quality statistics and supported resolutions. The tool also enables the user to download a report to share with our support team to help facilitate timely resolution of issues.

Pre-call Test for the OpenTok Platform

We expect customers to use the Pre-call Test to:

  • Evaluate if the OpenTok platform is a good fit for specific production environments, particularly if there are concerns about network latency and available bandwidth
  • Isolate bandwidth or network issues during application development
  • Troubleshoot connectivity or network issues for end-users once your application has been deployed to production

We are aware that our customers want to build their own tools or integrate the aforementioned tests very closely with their application. We’re planning on making that possible by sharing the Pre-call test code as well as all the APIs that make it work very soon – stay tuned for updates.  This is all part of our effort to build a smarter platform and ecosystem of tools to make managing your OpenTok-powered app as simple as possible. 

The Pre-call test is now publicly available here. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think!