Real-Talk: A Monthly Spotlight on Live Video and Real-Time Communications – December 2018

December Real-Time Communications

Welcome back to a new year of Real-Talk where we’ll continue to bring you monthly roundups of the latest news, views and developments in the world of live video, WebRTC and real-time communications.

Looking back on December, the first consumer 5G video call signals a promising future for live video communications; virtual healthcare continues to replace doctor visits for a growing range of non-emergency conditions; No Jitter highlights the top 10 acquisitions from a busy year of M&A activity in enterprise communications; and Skype announces it’s getting AI-powered real-time subtitles and captions for live video calling.

Virtual health care spares doctor’s visits – and awkwardness | WIRED

Good news for obsessive symptom Googlers: There’s a new form of quick, cheap health care—no trip to the doctor required. Climbing insurance deductibles are fueling a boom in telemedicine—medical care by phone, online messaging, or video chat—particularly for life’s more awkward (and pharmaceutically lucrative) ailments. After filling out an online questionnaire, users are connected with a licensed physician who consults via phone, messenger, or video and can prescribe medication remotely…read more

Top 10 enterprise communications acquisitions in 2018 | No Jitter

There’s certainly good reason for M&A in enterprise communications. Acquisitions are usually the fastest way to fill a product gap, and with so many simultaneous transitions occurring in the market, there are plenty of gaps. Consider how the market was shifting in 2018: premises-based to cloud-delivered; real-time to asynchronous; voice-dominant to omnichannel; monolithic to microservices; local to global. As a result of these transitions, there’s been a steady flow of acquisitions in 2018. Here’s my top 10 list of enterprise communications acquisitions announced in 2018…read more

Korean network makes first consumer 5G video call using a Samsung phone | The Next Web

It seems like the age of commercial 5G is almost here. According to a report in The Korea Herald, Korean network provider SK Telecom made first world’s first commercial 5G video call. The report said that the company’s CEO Park Jung-ho made a video call to a staff manager in Seoul using a prototype Samsung 5G phone. He found that the call quality clearer than a video call made via LTE…read more

Skype will soon live-caption video calls | The Verge

Skype is getting live captioning and subtitles to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The news follows an earlier announcement that PowerPoint is also getting real-time captions and subtitles, and both features will rely on the company’s artificial intelligence work. Live captions and subtitles will auto-scroll during a call, although eventually, users will be able to scroll through captions in a side window if they don’t want to see words overlaid on their call. The company also says it’s planning to roll out translations for more than 20 languages…read more

How brands like Tommy Hilfiger are driving sales with interactive digital drops | PSFK

Live mobile video can encourage a two-way conversation with brands and a community of fans, giving consumers the ability to shop anytime, anywhere. In particular, brands are increasingly using live streaming to enable consumers to collectively view and interact with new products as they drop in real time. Interactive apps also allow consumers to tie in their own digital devices for a more personalized experience. From live streaming a shopping experience with clickable merchandise to documenting a fashion event, here’s how leading retailers are driving engagement and linking content with commerce…read more

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