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Real-Talk Real-time communications roundup July

Welcome to the first edition of Real-Talk. Each month, we shine the spotlight on the hottest news, views, insights and developments in the world of live video, WebRTC and real-time communications.

In this month’s wrap, Instagram doubles down on video calling; telehealth continues to heat up with a massive cap raise by American Well; shoppable videos arrive on the scene, highlighting the endless possibilities for video; and Juniper Research reveals the enormous potential for Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for enterprise.

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Instagram now lets you 4-way group video chat as you browse | TechCrunch

4-way group video chat is now available on Instagram. Facebook announced the new feature back at F8 in May and Instagram is now rolling it out for all users. Instagrammers can video chat with up to 4 people in a group with the option for a full screen video call, or they can co-browse feeds while on on the call with friends. More friends can join an Instagram call in progress, or they can be muted if the user doesn’t want any more invitesread more

FirstVet swipes $6M to expand its pet advice telehealth service | TechCrunch

Telehealth is not just for humans – vet services over live video are growing in popularity too, and just last week Swedish company FirstVet announced a $6m Series A round to expand into other European markets.

FirstVet offers remote video consultations and advice for pet owners wondering if they should worry about their furry friend’s latest bout of coughing/sneezing/vomiting, or whether that chocolate bar the dog snarfed when you weren’t looking is a cause for real concern…read more

American Well Raises $290 million To Bring Virtual Doctors To Patients’ Homes | Crunchbase

Boston-based startup American Well just raised over $290 million in a corporate round to scale up its virtual doctor business. Founded in 2006, American Well is a telehealth platform that connects users with doctors instantly via live video.

The telehealth market has heated up in recent years. According to Crunchbase News research, over 200 startups are active in the telemedicine business. Over $431 million in funding has been invested in U.S. telehealth startups this year…read more

Content With Benefits: The Now, Next & Future Of Shoppable Video | Forbes

It will probably be of little surprise that we are all, it seems, gobbling up video content as fast as we sense it’s lurking. When it comes to media consumption, the stats on video viewing are vast and staggering. For instance, 500+ million hours of videos are currently watched on Youtube every day (that doubles for Facebook equating to 8 billion videos a day). By 2020 online videos will constitute more than 80% of all internet traffic.

When it comes to brands, people love video so much they’re actually asking for more; apparently 85% want to see more videos from brands in 2018. British company WIREWAX, which specializes in making moving image interactive including the formerly seismic progression of making them directly shoppable.

The possibilities for interactive moving image will grow even further as technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision (highly advanced image recognition tools) converge in more

China’s VIPKID, which links English tutors with online learners, raises $500M at $3B+ valuation  | TechCrunch

The online language school market is continuing to heat up. A startup that connects English teachers with an audience of students spanning China and 35 other countries for live language tutorials, is helping fan those flames. VIPKID, based out of Beijing, today announced that it has raised $500 million in funding…read more

CPaaS Supports New Ways to Communicate | Software Magazine

According to a recent whitepaper by Juniper Research, Enterprise spend on CPaaS is projected to increase from $2.4 billion in 2018 to $6.7 billion by 2022.

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a cloud-based enterprise tool. It enables businesses to integrate communications capabilities like voice, video, and messaging into their own applications (apps) without the need to build backend support for capabilities like chatbots, service agents, and contact centers. In the report, Juniper Research reveals the drivers and impacts of CPaaS for enterprises spanning several industries…read more


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