Redefining Work Hackathon by Box

As mentioned in previous blog, we are proud to be sponsoring a Box Hackathon, called Redefining Work. Over the past weekend, we got to live it and it was AWESOME!

For pictures, look at our facebook page. We took pictures throughout the entire hackathon!

This event started at 10am and coders filled the awesome headquarters at Box. The event Kicked off with a keynote Presentation from Jeff Lawson (CEO of Twilio), Adam Pisoni (Cofounder of Yammer), and Jason Green (Emergence Capital).

Throughout the afternoon at 30 minute intervals, API partners held coding sessions to introduce participants to their API, and every session was packed with developers hungry for knowledge. If you didn’t know already, the #1 reason why developers go to hackathons is to learn. Besides API sessions, API sponsors also had their own booth so developers know where to go if they need help.

At 4:30am, most developers are still awake and coding. Aaron Levie wandered around and chatted casually with everyone and asked about their projects. Many developers found out after the conversation that they had just talked to the CEO of BOX, giving them a much needed energy boost.

The event organizer, Alex Willen, and some of the API sponsors also stayed up through the whole event for a 24 hour support. All questions/problems were taken care of, developers are happy.

Fast forward to Sunday, projects are due at 2pm. Submissions were made through and every team had to make a video to be judged. To see all ideas and videos, visit here!

50 project submissions, and 15 were selected to present to judges. More than half of the 15 selected used OpenTok API to power real time video chat in their applications. We are proud.

The grand winner is OMG.HELP, taking home the grand prize of $3000. OMG.Help is a GeekSquad Killer. It’s an iOS app where you can point at something you need help with, and a live technician will see what the problem is and help you in real time! Watch their presentation:

Congratulations to the Winners!

This was a great hackathon, and we’re very happy to meet everyone who came out.

This blog post is short because Neil from Mashery composed an amazing story of this event with interesting content on Storify! It has Play-By-Play content of live tweets, instagram pics, etc.

See you at the next hackathon!

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