A more engaging group listening service

In the past six months, group listening services have become hot destinations on the web. A common thread runs through all of them: listening with your friends is more fun than listening alone.

Avatars and text chat are the standard form of interaction within these apps.  What you might be missing is the live experience of enjoying music with friends: bobbing heads to the beat, busting out dance moves and belting out lyrics.

Meet Rolling.FM. Rolling.FM realized that when you’re listening to music with friends, you should be able to recreate the live experience. Now, in all of their rooftop listening rooms, you can do just that with Rolling.FM’s integration of OpenTok. What Rolling.FM has done really well is incorporate live video in a way that augments the experience, but doesn’t distract from the reason the service exists – to listen to music.

So that opens up the debate: Avatars or live video for group listening services?

We think the answer depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re using the service for passive listening, avatars and text chat are awesome.   If you’re looking for a more active listening experience, face-to-face brings engaging and immersive interaction that can take your experience to the next level.

Enjoy the music!