Safari 11 Support General Availability for OpenTok Platform

Safari for WebRTC general availability


In June, we announced our latest beta, OpenTok.js SDK 2.12. With that release, developers could start building beta projects that are compatible with Safari 11, kicking off WebRTC availability in Safari for the first time. This release was announced at the WWDC keynote back in June, when Apple indicated WebRTC support for iOS 11.

Today, in light of Apple’s event, we’re excited to announce that WebRTC support for Safari 11 is here. With the number of devices that run the Safari browser, this provides greater device reach for TokBox customers and introduces a whole new set of use cases for browser based video chat.  

A major game changer for live video

Mobile engagement is on the path to rapid growth worldwide. Total time spent in apps worldwide is set to exceed 3 trillion hours in 2021. And there are now over 1 billion Apple devices used worldwide. Needless to say, we now live in a world where mobile is essential for any digital offering.

For many users, using Apple devices such as iPads are becoming an integral part of communications across businesses. Without WebRTC support on Safari, these users would have to download a plug-in or native app to participate in live video. Industries such as telehealth and banking are quickly adopting to live video – worldwide, the number of telehealth patients will increase 10x by 2018.

iPads are frequently the device of choice for one-to-one communication within these industries which is administered by the IT department, who secures endpoints due to confidentiality requirements. If a user doesn’t have the option to download a new browser / application, they wouldn’t be able to use WebRTC technology, significantly limiting engagement and creating poor user experiences.

With WebRTC compatible on Safari, developers can now confidently know that the majority of their users will be able to seamlessly participate in live video through their application, without being blocked, having to download a plug-in or use a different browser. A better end-user experience and increased opportunities for developers is truly a win-win scenario the WebRTC community.

Powering creativity through communications

At TokBox, our fundamental mission is to power creativity through communications. We aim to empower creators to build live video experiences to connect with audiences, across use cases and industries. From telehealth, to education, to large-scale webinars and customer service companies, we’re passionate about enabling communications to an array of customers through our OpenTok platform, powered by WebRTC. With Safari support, this opens up a whole new set of capabilities, use cases and benefits for our customers and their end-users, enabling a broader connection through live-video worldwide. We can’t wait to see what our customers create.

More details on general availability for Safari 

Our rollout for Safari on the OpenTok platform is timed with Apple’s general availability of iOS 11 and macOS 10.13. So be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming announcement and details into how to configure Safari with our 2.12 JavaScript SDK.

Apple has pinpointed H.264 as the select codec that they’ll support, and we’ll be supporting this codec across browsers and devices to ensure your end-users don’t run into any interoperability issues.

We’ll initially support Safari 11 on the following OpenTok endpoints, and we’ll continue to add more endpoints over the coming months:

  • Browsers: Chrome, FireFox
  • Mobile: iOS devices and popular Android devices.

In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in our beta for Safari, so you can start testing it in your environments. We’ll then follow up with you over email once we release into general availability.

Join the beta today