SoreBums: Shifting Online Fundraising into High Gear

The face of fundraising has evolved. While telethons and toy drives are still popular, fundraising efforts have gone digital in recent years with the launch of organizations like Causes, Kickstarter and Crowdrise. SoreBums, a new OpenTok partner, is working to bridge the gap between real-world fundraising and the convenience of online efforts.

Built by NetEngine for The Employment Office, SoreBums is aiming to raise $20,000 for Diabetes Queensland. They’ve setup a stationary bike in their office that is being ridden continuously until their goal is met. Riders are streamed via a live webcam as they complete a 2,000km relay, taking turns at cycling 30-minute legs for 8 hours every weekday for 2 weeks. All of their blood, sweat and tears are captured via live OpenTok video streams.

While we love their cheeky name (SoreBums…cheeky…get it?), what we really love is their implementation of OpenTok. NetEngine realized that the OpenTok API isn’t always about video chat and used it to build one-way streaming functionality into SoreBums.

Leveraging OpenTok’s stream flexibility, they built a stream-in-stream layout that is fully synchronized. That means you can watch the stationary riders sweat it out and see their pace and distance traveled in the bottom left corner of the window. Using any other streaming technology would have made this setup impossible.

“With a tight deadline and practically no budget we starting searching for quality but free video streaming software and came across OpenTok. Not only was it free, it has great support, is quick and easy to setup and is doing a great job streaming our riders” said Jamie Zeidler, Lead Developer at NetEngine.

What kind of progress have they made? So far, they’ve ridden for 56 hours, traveled 1441.00 kms and raised $19,115 towards their cause. Only $885 left to reach their goal. The event wraps up on December 2nd so visit to watch the riders and support this great cause.