Startup Riot MAKE in Atlanta

This past weekend I got to travel down south for a pretty sweet event, Startup Riot MAKE. Startup Riot has been hosting a week-long expo/conference in Atlanta for the last 2 years as well as one in Seattle. This year they decided to add a hackathon into the mix to warm people of for the upcoming week of festivities. The hackathon is called MAKE, and thats exactly what these hackers intended to do. No BS, its time to make something awesome.

Here were some of the top winners from the event:

  • HowTracker (Best SendGrid integration) – making the policy and procedures management job more sexy.
  • Trip-O-Saurus (Best WeatherChannel API integration) – a travel guide on your iPad that pulls up to date info off the web
  • Mouse game (MakerBot from MailChimp) – a physics-based game that will get you seriously addicted
  • Event Sketch (Best Twilio integration)
  • Ticket Street (MakerBot from MailChimp AND Overall Best)
Amongst the talented entrepreneurs at the event, we had a few teams that worked on using OpenTok in their creation. To sweeten the pot just a little bit more (as if presenting at the Startup Riot SHOW and a chance to win a $25k investment wasn’t enough) we decided to give away a little something for the best OpenTok integration. Congratulations to the guys from Epic Labs who completed an Open Office Hours App that helps any company hold office hours for their technology, services, or support. It was a great idea and executed brilliantly. We might even have to start using their app to get some of our developers the help they need. Also, great job to the other developers that dove into the OpenTok API, we got love for you too.
And lastly, I just wanted to give a big thank you to the organizers Sanjay Parekh and Rachel Maher for putting together a great weekend. This is the first time I’ve seen organizers do some great planning ahead of time by letting all the hackers start building connections up to a week ahead of time on a Yammer group. Also, best. hackathon. food. ever.
epic brunch

EPIC BRUNCH: french toast, pancakes, fresh fruit, grits, and more. yum.