Startup Weekend Chicago

A few days ago, I wrote about going to Startup Weekend Chicago. I kept my promise.

On Friday, we started off with a series of inspiring speeches. I managed to snatch 2 minutes of fame telling everyone about the awesomeness of OpenTok.

We pitched ideas and formed groups throughout the rest of the night. There were 65 pitches, and by the end of the night everyone consolidated into 14 teams.

Fast forward to Sunday, each team had a kickass presentation/demo. Here are the teams!

1. Deck Connect: Allows DJs to do their thing remotely, and also lets users send DJ their favorite songs.

2. Pair Bubbles: A place to keep memories of you and your loved one. I built this, comming soon!

3. Belated: Allows users to make up for forgetting friend’s birthday and other significant events by buying them belated gifts.

4. Exersocial: Making Exercise social. Businesses package allows employees to run a certain number of races with the community.  SECOND Place Winner

5. Social Business Traveler: Going on a business trip? Connect to other people around you who is also on a business trip.

6. AllRoverTown: This app allows you to find all the dog friendly places around you. THIRD Place Winner

7. Project Live Well: Nutrition + exercise recommendation service.

8. Faire: Aggregation of every event around you, scraped from event sites as well as plugging to different APIs.

9. DebtBeet: Funny app to get back money that your friends owe you. Also great for splitting tabs. KickAss Presentation Prize

10. Clutch: Social recommendation/discovery for Women’s Fashion

11. CareContent: Content provider for medical websites. FIRST Place Winner

12. BucketList: Social way to accomplish what you want to do in your life, and get inspired by others!

13. LearnLive: A platform for anyone to teach/learn different skills. Should Pivot Award

14. RatingsKick: they analyze twitter activity around TV shows, and recommend businesses to spend more or less money on sponsoring certain shows. Advertising Prize

Congratulations to everyone who attended and worked on your startup. We were lucky to have an quick interview with the guys from Learn Live, they have great things to say about Startup Weekend Chicago and OpenTok!

Overall, my review of this event is a 5/5. The amount of support in tech related startups is pretty amazing, we packed a full room of successful chicagoans during presentation! Credit goes to Adam Haun and Chris Campbell putting together a successful event, and Tech Nexus for providing the space. It was also great meeting other sponsors of this event and spending fun-filled weekend with them: Marc Weil from Cloudmine and Arvin Dang from Code Academy! More Info about sponsors available on Startup Weekend Chicago page.

If I left something out, forget to add crucial information, let me know in the comments below! My memory is not perfect.

If you weren’t able to pick up some OpenTok Swag, join me at the next event!

June 9 – Hollywood Hack Day in Los Angeles, California.