StartupBus Creates Interactive Busdaq Game

Last week herds of entrepreneurs loaded onto buses from the west to the east coast. Destination? SXSW in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of coders, designers, business folks, and rappers, spent 3-4 days cruising the U.S. roadways building unique start-ups along the way.

StartupBus had the unique challenge of needing to find a way to connect the fans at home with the companies being built during the trip. Their solution? Busdaq, an interactive stock market game for StartupBus. Players can buy and trade stock shares in the companies they think will be most successful.

StartupBus provides company information like milestones met, number of shares in the market, current value and more. But there wasn’t a way for the players to interact with one another until they integrated OpenTok. This year players could have face-to-face conversations about the companies they are interested in. That means they can ask seasoned investors questions, or perhaps even get a status report directly from a member of the company. Try it out now.

Want to see what was built? These sharp shooters created everything from Cerealize, a service that allows you to build your own custom cereal, to BumperCrop, enabling neighborhood based sharing, buying and selling of locally grown produce. The full list of apps can be accessed here.