Stop wondering about who’s talking, and just know

Art in Antwerp / Belgium.

Courtesy of loop_oh/ © Creative Commons

Hey there! If you are a developer with mad skills in UI design or just a user with natural talents in video chatting, by which I mean tirelessly talking and giggling all by yourself while staring at the screen, then I have exciting news for you. We’ve just launched an API that detects the active speakers in a video chat.

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to move or zoom up the chat window of whoever’s actually speaking?  At least it makes your “staring” exercise more fun than just looking at the dull, fixed boxes. Even better, it literally makes the conversations, well, more “FACE-to-face”!

So how does it work? TokBox computes a running average of the microphone activities to determine if a publisher is actively speaking. Her voice activity status is reported in the isActiveSpeaker property, which can be either true or false, of the stream object corresponding to the published stream of that publisher. Any application can listen to the “activeSpeakerChanged” event dispatched by the session, and then one can alter his/her chat window, from making it big, big, big to… vanishing to nothing (jeez, whose face can be that unbearable?)

All right, I know, enough talk and more “facing”. Why don’t you go ahead and try it out. We cannot wait to learn more about how you guys creatively use this API. Please give us feedback either here in the comments or in our forums to improve it. Thanks a lot and have fun!