Enter our AR and Live Video Summer Virtual Hackathon Now!

HackTokBox - Virtual AR Hackathon

We’d like to welcome all WebRTC and TokBox API developers, wherever you are in the world, to our AR and Live Video Summer Virtual Hackathon! How would you like the chance of winning the $600 prize for the top team, and $300 for the runners up? It’s up for grabs for the teams which create the best apps combining Augmented Reality and Live Video. Read on to find out how to get involved.  The app will be developed in your own time, with a week to get setup and then four weeks of coding in teams of 1 to 3 people – with your app submitted online by August 20th.

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Build an AR App with the Frame Metadata API

AR App using Framemeta Data API from OpenTok

If you had to choose one memorable thing about the upcoming iOS 12 when it was unveiled at WWDC’18, it would probably be the inclusion of ARKit 2.0, Apple’s Augmented Reality toolkit for iOS. I bet you still remember that cool demo by the Lego guys playing on the stage.

In fact, ARKit is probably the component which is going to grow the most in the new version of iOS, with many new features, improvements and even a new app to easily perform real-world measurements.

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Build a live video app with ARKit and OpenTok

Build Live video spp with ARKit

If you have an iPhone, chances are that you have already upgraded to the latest version of iOS. In its 11th version, Apple has introduced many new things. As usual, some of them are related to the new hardware, others improve and polish the well-known iOS formula. But there is one thing that is completely new and will bring a new type of applications that never existed before at this scale. We are talking about Augmented Reality (or AR) applications, and the Apple SDK ARKit.

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