Take our new ActionScript library for a spin

We just announced on our developer blog that our OpenTok ActionScript library has emerged from Beta –  great news for Flash developers.

One of the things that we’ve been having fun with in the office is playing with the apps that have already been created with the library.  One of those was the Meet Me Under the Mistletoe application that our friends at McKinney developed while the library was in its embryonic stages. The TokBox team loves a smooch!

More recently we’ve been taking trips to the virtual launderette with SpinCycle.  If you head to SpinCycle you’ll see your video stream appear in a “washing machine” and then you can choose to bleach, dye or take your video stream for a spin.  Get others to join you and see their face appear in the other machines.  Sound silly – it might be, but it sure is fun (screen shot below, click to watch it in action on YouTube)

Lastly there is Pokerview.  A webcam poker site.  Now you can see the live video stream of the people you are playing against – a whole new meaning to the expression ‘poker face’.

We’re looking forward to seeing even more apps coming out of the Flash development community over the coming weeks and as always, stay tuned for more OpenTok developments in the next week or so.