Tales from the Ultimate Intern – 3 week highlights

Dear Tokbox Fans!

Today marks the half way point for the Ultimate Internship. That’s right, I’m only allowed to call myself ultimate for three more weeks. The six week journey is now half way done and sadly it has gone by far too quickly. I thought for today’s blog post I would try and recap a few of the memorable moments from the past three weeks. I’ll try and get more pics for the second half of this list to come.

Day 3: Completely embarrassed by Yang as he swiftly passed me like a gazelle on our run to Pier 39. Note: Yang is easily 10 years older than me…cool.

Day 6: Ian notices my delicate handwriting, coining the Ultimate Intern a “15 year old girl”

Day 6: Tokbox Lauren officially becomes jealous of my delicate handwriting. http://yfrog.com/0krj4j

Day 7: Took down the cubical walls and introduced the new open office. http://yfrog.com/7h9ohj

Day 7: A delicate sneeze reinvigorates Ian’s joke from Day 6.

Day 7: Tokbox hits record minutes both on-site and off-site

Day 11: Ian announces to the entire company that I am officially a 15 year old girl

Day 13: Skeletons fall out of the closet as mullets from the past are uncovered. — CC: Chris Fox — http://img357.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=6iv.jpg&via=yfrog

Day 13: Debut performance as the guest host on the 2C. http://www.tokbox.com/post/ihqmieg5m5pp

Day 13: Partially fired by Tim during live recording of the 2C…can he do that?

Day 15: Introduced to Sequoia’s Roelof Botha as “the Ultimate Intern”

Day 15: Officially embarrassed as King of VC laughs at my brightly colored shoes and sweater. http://yfrog.com/aliqdj

Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend! Go Giants!

The Ultimate Intern,