Tales from the Ultimate Intern – Last Day

Dear Tokbox Fans,

I am sad to inform everyone that this will be my last day at Tokbox. Despite Yang’s relentless attempts at getting me to drop out of school, which have resulted in a serious loss of sleep the past few weeks (both for me as well as my mom), I have decided to head back to Philly and finish up my last few semesters at Penn. I’m not sure I can put into words the amount of appreciation and respect that I have for Tokbox as a company, and for the many individuals that give their very best every single day to see a product they believe in succeed. I will truly miss every person in this company and the unique blend of personalities that hold everyone together.

In the past 6 weeks, I have learned an unfathomable amount. From brainstorming product strategy and negotiating business partnerships to 10k runs on the pier followed by cases of beer, this experience has truly been ultimate on all levels. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work at Tokbox, and even more appreciative to have been able to do so much whilst I was here. In my opinion, Tokbox is the seed that has survived the winter. A company branded for success. ¬†One that has been tried, tested, and has built up its guard in preparation for growth. Tokbox remains focused on its core strategy, but not blinded like so many companies before. And ultimately Tokbox has survived, which more often than we’d all like to think, can be a start-up’s greatest strategy. While I am sad to leave this company at such a pivotal moment in their history and even more torn leaving a team that has welcomed me with such enthusiasm, I am equally as excited to watch the leaps and bounds that I am so confident will be made in the coming months. I look forward to this coming May, when I will rejoin a stronger Tokbox and once again experience what has easily become the greatest summer of my life.

Everyone have an excellent last few weeks of summer!

The Ultimate Intern,

Andrew Dudum