TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon Round 3

The year’s biggest hackathon is going to kick off in T-24 hours. Do you think we would miss it? Not a chance! We’re looking forward to sponsoring TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hackathon and Conference (this time in NYC) for the third time. Perhaps we’ll see an OpenTok powered app take home the title. Third time’s the charm, right? RIGHT?

Since the last Disrupt Hackathon, more eyeballs have been on the video chat world than ever before. How so? For starters, Google+ Hangouts is gaining traction and pushing new features (hello “On Air”), folks are anxiously awaiting the launch of AirTime (what is it already?!?), and we’ve launched the first ever iOS SDK for video chat. Not to shabby video chat industry.

We’re hoping that hackers have also taken notice of the growing demand for más video and see an opportunity to build something cooI. The reward for the best use of the OpenTok API at Disrupt’s hackathon? A sweet iPad3 (in celebration of our recent iOS SDK launch) and a bad-ass Romo robot. That’s right, a robot built by Romotive. This smartphone robot can be controlled from any smart device anywhere in the world using streaming technology. The best part? They are building a version of Romo that uses our very own OpenTok iOS SDK. Stay tuned!

So hackers, rev your keyboards. We’ll have our trusty Developer Evangelist, Song Zheng (see image to the right), on site at Disrupt to help you with the OpenTok related questions. You can also ping him at @songzme. Not attending the big hackathon? Don’t worry, we’ll have a table at the conference too. Come say hello, we’d love to meet ya.