TechTok catch up – Changing the face of robotics

kubidocAt this month’s TechTok, the team from Revolve Robotics came along to talk about all things robots: how robotics have changed and continue to do so, the evolution and potential of telepresence robots, as well as how you can leverage the OpenTok platform and Kubi robotics capabilities to build powerful and engaging telepresence robots.

Revolve Robotics CTO, Ilya Polykov, and CEO, Marcus Rosenthal spoke about their integration of OpenTok and Kubi.  If this is something you are working on or are interested in, check out their API.   If you’re developing an app based on the OpenTok platform and want to use Kubi, this API will help you make this happen in a matter of days.

If you’re interested in buying your own Kubi robot, you can get $100 off your online purchase using the promo code ‘tokbox’ at checkout for a limited time only.

To hear more from the Revolve Robotics team, listen to their full TechTok below:

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