TechTok – Changing the face of robotics with Revolve Robotics.

revolveFrom being used to assist in medical research labs to driving cars, you can see new possible uses of robots popping up in many different aspects of our lives.  At TokBox we are particularly excited about telepresence robots and the ability to tap yourself into a different geographic location using real time communications. Combining powerful robotics with communications technology means that you can, effectively, be in two places at once.

It is now a possibility to add robotic motion to video applications – but why would you want to? Imagine a telepresence robot that lets you look around during video calls. Whether you are attending a meeting remotely, talking to your professors and peers in a classroom from afar,  asking your doctor questions from home, or greeting people as a virtual receptionist, you can combine real time communications and robotic movement to be able to move and look around, and to interact with other people, almost as though you are there in person. These combined possibilities help to create a more true to life experience and is far more engaging on both ends of the call.

Kubi from Revolve Robotics does exactly that, and because Kubi Video is based on OpenTok, this means you can add Kubi robotics capabilities to your OpenTok applications.

At this month’s TechTok, Revolve Robotics CTO, Ilya Polykov, and CEO, Marcus Rosenthal, will be talking to us about why this is very cool, and how to get it done.

Want to know more about the speakers?


Marcus Rosenthal is the Co-founder and CEO of Revolve Robotics. Previously Marcus was a co-founder and led the business development for Artificial Muscle that was acquired by Bayer in 2010. Prior to Artificial Muscle, Marcus worked on biologically inspired robots at SRI International. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and in his spare time he likes to skateboard, surf, paint, yoga, hike, bike, and do woodworking.


llya Polykov is CTO of Revolve Robtics and has 15+ years robotics experience, ranging from 120lb fighting robots on Battlebots to industrial automation cells for Sonicare. He was one of first engineers and a key system designer at Artificial Muscle where he acquired 30+ patents and invented and developed the first commercial product with AMI technology.

You can find out more about the meet up and register to attend here.

If you can’t make it to this event in San Francisco, we will have a limited number of virtual seats available so tweet us @tokbox if you’re interested and we will send you a link.  We will also be recording the event so you can catch up on our blog afterwards.  As always, stay tuned for the details of more TechToks coming later this year.

Event details:

6:30pm for a 7pm start.


501 2nd Street (Suite 310)

San Francisco

CA 94107

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