TechTok: Driving Growth with Engagement Automation for Mobile Applications

techtoksWhat are the biggest challenges for mobile app developers?  And why does success with mobile remain so elusive?

At this month’s TechTok, Streethawk CEO, David Jones, will be answering some of these questions.  He’ll be talking to us about how top apps use engagement automation to drive growth, focusing on virality, look-a-likes & referral programs as well as big recurring issues including:

• User retention

• Cost of paid acquisition

• Why referral growth has been constrained until now

• Onboarding and engagement tactics

• How to ask for location and push permissions

• What analytics tools help and hinder your growth and how leverage analytics for engagement automation

David will also cover a few steps that deliver quick wins to counter some of the challenges, show examples of top apps and what worked for them.

You can find out more about the event and register to attend here.

About the speaker


David is a serial startup founder who previously started Surfcontrol Email Filter (nowWebSENSE ) and ThreatMetrix – now a Gartner “Visionary” Web Fraud Protection company. All these companies process “big-data” to provide value to customers – StreetHawk’s Engagement Automation continues the tradition.StreetHawk is the most complete Engagement Platform for Mobile & Web. From Simple Push Notifications to comprehensive user lifecycle management and user insights, we’ve got the components for you to grow and retain your App’s user base.

Event details

Wednesday January 27th, 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start.


501 2nd Street (Suite 310)

San Francisco

CA 94107

As usual we will provide pizza and beer.

If you have any questions, or if there is something or someone you want to hear from at one of our events, leave us a comment below.