The new face of social – a Zipcast

This Wednesday (4/20) at 10am PST I’m going to be sharing a presentation I gave at Web 2.0 “The new face of social”.  I’m going to use SlideShare’s Zipcast product which is powered by OpenTok, which means you’ll be able to see me and the slides and fire questions at me via text.

So, not to give too much of a spoiler, but here’s a quick outline of what I’ll be talking about:

5 years ago the terms “social media” and “social media marketing” didn’t exist.  The growth in “social platforms” such as Facebook and Twitter have made these everyday buzzwords, but are these platforms really social?  This presentation explores the real meaning of social and how that can be brought to life by marketers and user experience designers.

Looking forward to an interest conversation and hearing different points of view on the subject. To join the presentation, simply follow this link.