The New Way to Workout with WebRTC


In today’s hyper-connected world, individuals are increasingly looking to online services and solutions to give them more flexibility in their day-to-day life. Industries across the board are now operating online to meet the needs of today’s consumers and make their services more accessible – from e-commerce through to banking.

The healthcare and wellness industry is no exception. Patients can already visit the doctor virtually through their smartphone, or communicate with a specialist on the other side of the world without leaving the comfort of their own home.

But one area which has traditionally relied on physical presence has been exercise. You have to go the gym to get fit, right? Not any longer. This status quo is being disrupted by technologies such as WebRTC and embedded communications, where real-time video makes working out from home not only possible, but also personalized, effective and enjoyable.

Interactive home fitness

Wellness companies around the world are providing virtual classes that students can attend from their own home. By using live video, users can follow an instructor in real-time from their laptop or mobile device, either as a one-to-one lesson or group class. Busy parents, students or professionals can exercise at a time that suits them, directly from their living room, getting the support and instruction that they need live from a remote instructor.

These home fitness classes are powered by technologies such as WebRTC, which make it possible to embed live, interactive, two-way video into any website or application.


Exercising at home using a real-time video solution makes working out more accessible and flexible. Home fitness solutions offer a range of benefits to everyone, no matter what their fitness goals:

  • Easy to use: With WebRTC technology, there’s nothing to install or download for the end user.  The video works directly from their smartphone or browser meaning they can easily join a session. All you need is a laptop or phone, and an internet connection.
  • Interactive: Class takers can be corrected by their teacher, can ask questions in real-time, and even communicate with the rest of their workout group – no matter where they are in the world. No more using the wrong technique, or losing motivation halfway through a pre-recorded workout video.
  • Personalized: With live interactive video, workouts can be fully adapted to suit you – you can have a one-to-one workout or get modifications in real time if you have an injury.


  • Convenient: There’s no trekking to the gym and back again after – users can get fit from home at a time that suits them, using devices they already have.

Leveraged by leading companies

A range of leading organizations in this space are leveraging embedded communications, powered by TokBox in order to offer their services more widely.

Wello provides a range of workouts to end users who can exercise wherever they can find space – all they need is an internet connection and a device with a camera. First, the user chooses from a wide variety of different fitness activities – from Pilates to Martial Arts – and confirms whether they’d like a group class or individual lessons. During the lesson, their Certified Personal Trainer will direct them over video whilst demonstrating moves in real time to ensure an effective and engaging regime.

Yogaia is the world’s first interactive online Yoga Studio.  They provide yoga that ‘bends around your life’ – so that you can practice from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. They host more than 100 new online yoga classes every week, which are available around the clock. Plus, it’s much more affordable with a whole month of Yogaia for the price of just one regular studio class.

LIFT session connects users with highly experienced fitness professionals to provide optimal one-on-one training. A user is assigned a concierge who’ll help design and plan a personalised regime – allocating them the perfect coach who can train with them online. Using embedded video means that coaches are not chosen simply according to geographic location, but instead LIFT takes into account your preferences – such as gender, language, coaching style and personality. With the best coach for your objectives, workouts are targeted, personalised and highly effective. Users can pay on a monthly basis and cancel at any time – making this a truly flexible fitness solution.

BODY offers live social fitness experiences that are accessible from anywhere. Through live, multi-way video, users can attend classes with their favorite instructors and teammates from home. The emphasis is on technique and variety to ensure the most effective results. Through group classes, your teammates become your new support network, to incentivize and encourage you as you continue to train. Body will even send you all of the equipment you need for the workout, such as weights, right to your front door.

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These innovative solutions highlight the huge potential of embedded video to disrupt the fitness market. By fitting in with customers’ lives, interactive home fitness ensures accessible, flexible and effective workouts that cater for all needs.

To learn more about embedded communications in healthcare and wellness, check out our Industries pages or download our white paper.