The Overload Show! Pardon The Interruption for MS Devs

The Overload Show is a new live video talk show by and for developers in the Microsoft community.   One of the reasons we like the Overload Show is because one of the hosts – John Sheehan – built the live video applicationOverload Show using OpenTok.   John says:

“I tried a billion other things that all didn’t quite work the way I wanted before you guys launched OpenTok. OpenTok made it a snap and works exactly like I want. I can do this show from anywhere, easily bring in guests, have a live chat on the same page, etc. It’s fantastic.”

We get lots of inquiries from developers asking us if two-way video Q&A, office hours and town halls are possible applications of OpenTok.  The answer is YES, and now you can see how with the Overload Show’s clean, slick  implementation.  Whether you’re working on an app for a celebrity event, or product demo, or online meetup – there’s lots to learn, as we did, from how the Overload Show has addressed video chat, user authentication, and moderation.  The other thing we took away from this is John’s list of  feature requests for OpenTok.   We’ve definitely heard some of it before and we are working on it!  Stay tuned; in the meantime, please keep the feedback coming.

The other big reason why we like the Overload Show is because John and JP are the charmingest hosts and cover a wide variety of current technology topics in all of 30 minutes.   We know there are lots of  .NET developers in our community and we hope you enjoy it.  Watch them at or follow @overloadshow.