TokBox Opens the Doors of Perception with Revolutionary ThirdEye Embedded Video Service

This was our April Fool’s post for 2017. It is not true, but please continue to enjoy! Read more about how close our real embedded communication capabilities are, such as Interactive Broadcast and our cloud platform.

TokBox, the leading live video communications Platform-as-a-Service (cPaaS) company, announced today the launch of a brand new, breakthrough, embedded video service called ThirdEye™. Combining a wearable, nanoscale camera with TokBox’s industry leading cloud video cPaaS, ThirdEye is an end-to-end service that enables users to continuously stream HD video directly from a nanoscale camera implanted in their foreheads.

This video service is revolutionary on multiple fronts:

  • The ultra small form factor camera is no larger than a grain of salt. At 2x2x2 millimeters, this is one of the smallest cameras in the world, yet delivers 20MP resolution. It is easily enhanced with a broad range of jewelry-lenses.
  • TokBox ThirdEyeUsing state of the art, patent-pending motion-powered electronics technology, this camera is powered solely through head movement.
  • The camera offers 3 zoom modes: standard, 2x, and infinite. Users can simply tap their forehead to switch between modes. Covering ThirdEye for 5 seconds puts it in temporary sleep mode.
  • The video experience continuously published from ThirdEye is streamed to the TokBox cloud and can be instantly consumed by everybody in the world through the service’s interactive broadcasting plus streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and neurally-embedded HTML5 devices.
  • Cloud-based geospatial and facial recognition software allows ThirdEye to be used independently of all other senses, and in “astral” mode even while the user is asleep.

“The ThirdEye service will revolutionize humankind in ways we, frankly, haven’t even imagined yet.” says Tejas Bhandarkar, VP of Beyond-Wearable Products. “After ten years of R&D, TokBox is proud to be helping the people of the world unlock their streams of perception and share these across the global consciousness. This is the start of a new video-human era.”

ThirdEye is already available and more and more enlightened users are expanding their consciousness. ThirdEye implantation clinics are being opened worldwide to bring this technology to everyone. For more information, visit

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