Tiny Eye: the power of sight and sound

tinyeyeWe were unaware, until recently, about the shocking lack of Speech-Language Pathologists across the US and the world. With growing demand of special education departments, rural districts, and culturally diverse students, too many young people are simply not being taught how to communicate effectively.

So we were delighted when TokBox partner DoubleRobotics teamed up with TinyEye Therapy Services to address this shortage using innovative technology, including OpenTok.

TinyEYE have taken the DoubleRobotic moving robots with in-built live video technology capability, and despatched them remotely to deliver speech therapy classes to students that really need it. Behind every robot there is a certified speech therapist, able to interact and build a relationship with the students, ultimately improving the quality and increasing the scope of support that can be offered.

This has added a whole new dimension to the therapy that TinyEYE can provide, and to a wider audience. By integrating OpenTok into their software, and using this on a remotely operated and fully mobile robot, these two partners have found a way to allow a single therapist to serve students all over the US and Canada without even leaving their office.

The connection between speech development and non-verbal cues has been well documented, so the face to face component of these sessions is critical. Being able to use the Double Robotics mobile units, TinyEYE has been able to achieve greater levels of engagement with students across multiple locations. Therapists and teachers can now move around the classroom, approach students and observe from the back. This has increased their ability to be part of the session, ultimately improving the quality of care and help that they can offer to the children. TinyEYE really do believe that student engagement is the key to learning success so this new technology powered by OpenTok is an exciting step for them.

It is this kind of impressive and innovative use of our technology that really impacts people’s lives that remind us of the power of live video and the importance of our platform. We love hearing these kinds of stories – if you have something you’re equally proud of, we’d love to hear from you.