TokBox at Finovate Fall 2016

Finovate__F__Twitter_LogoInnovation in banking has previously focused predominantly on customer convenience.  For all of the efficiency and convenience technologies have brought to banking, banks always need to differentiate themselves with superior service.  And that’s why many leading financial organizations are now turning their attention toward customer experience.  In an age where banking is increasingly done online or through mobile applications, this presents a challenge to many financial service organizations.

How can banks and financial service organizations maintain the human element to their customer service online?

Our director of product, Tejas Bhandarkar, went to Finovate New York to answer this question.  Tejas spoke about the importance and demand of personalized service online, organizations that are innovating in this space and how digital customer engagement can be made easy.

You can view a full recording of his speaking session below:

TokBox has been working with a number of leading financial service organizations to embed real-time video, voice and collaboration experiences into their offerings.  If you would like to speak to a member of the team about how your organization could benefit from embedding real-time communications into your service you can contact us here.