TokBox at Fluent Conference

fluentWhether you’re developing a new website, building an app for mobile or working out web infrastructure, it’s important to keep up to date with all of the technologies contributing to the evolution of the web.  The O’Reilly Fluent Conference aims to to help you do that.  With a range of speakers across a number of different roles and industries Fluent covers the full scope of the Web Platform and its associated technologies.

Fluent offers the opportunity for attendees to learn from industry leaders who are experts in the technology they are using.  This year, TokBox Senior Software Engineer, Manas Pradhan, will be one of these experts.

Manas will be talking about the ongoing nuances of WebSockets and Data Channels.  Signaling between client endpoints is a key facet of interactive web applications. The use cases range from text chatting to multiplayer games to driving a robot remotely. In the world of HTML5, most developers establish signaling through WebSockets, long-polling, and server-side events, but with the advent of WebRTC, data channels have joined the ranks.

The question posed by many developers is “where do data channels fit in the equation?” Manas Pradhan explores the pros and cons of both WebSockets and data channels in satisfying the needs of the signaling ecosystem.

You can find out all of the details about Manas’s session here.

He’ll be speaking this Thursday March 10 at 5:15pm–5:45pm in the Club Room.  We hope to see you there.