TokBox Brings the Classroom Online

online classroom virtual classroom webrtc

Broadcast chat launched last week to an overwhelmingly positive response from the education world. You can read a post on Social Times ( regarding recent cuts in school funding across the country and how TokBox can help.  While the free up-to-20 user TokBox experience has always been a compelling offering for educators who want to meet one-on-one with students or among colleagues, the Broadcast offering seems to have hit the spot for those teachers and professors looking for a quick and easy solution for online classes, most of which have many for than 20 students.

What really seems to connect with educators is the new functionality to move participants on and off-screen with ease. Allowing teachers full control of the chat sets the stage for completely fluid conversation, keeping the class entirely focused on speakers or students who have questions and bringing orderly classroom dynamics to the web.

online classroom  virtual classroom webrtc

As technology improves and budgets thin, I hope TokBox becomes a valuable and cost-efficient tool for everyone from the Professor allowing his working students an online option to the 6th grade science teacher who hopes a weekend experiment will excite his students for the week ahead.

In the next couple of weeks we hope to continue this momentum tweaking our offerings to even better fill the needs of the education sector. With this goal in mind, we need your help. Monday, April 12th at 2:00pm PST we will be holding a community chat to discuss our current Broadcast release, and any features or improvements you’d like to see. I will update shortly with the URL, but please be sure to mark the calendar.

As always, have a healthy and exciting weekend!