TokBox disrupts the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference

After getting some much-needed rest, there was much fun to be had at the actual Disrupt conference, featuring big names like Kevin Rose, Mark Zuckerberg, Jessica Alba, Michael Arrington and more!  Not only did we get enough shirts and shwag to represent a different startup for every day of the month, but we met some really cool partners, featured on the battlefield, and they were:

StudyHall provides a way for students to interact with each other all hours of the day, even crunchtime – share notes, provide feedback and video chat (provided by OpenTok)!


MixersApp provides a fresh outlook on dating – hailing all the way from Israel (and formerly known as Frimper), find people around your area and video chat with them before meeting.

Expect Labs

Expect Labs created an iOS app called MindMeld, which provides a different outlook on voice and video conversations – filling in the gaps when you just can remember a detail or place.  MindMeld is a piece of software that analyzes your conversations in real time and pull pertinent information so you’re always in the know.  Check out their onstage demo here and congratulations to them on being one of the 7 finalists!


Ascendify’s Talent Acquisition platform transforms a corporate career portal into an active, engaging talent community, including using video chat to interview candidates!

We had a great time at Disrupt, hope you all did too – catch us at the next big event!  For those of you that are interested in adding video chat to your products, drop us a line!