TokBox Elgg plug-in

We recently learned about a great open-source social networking platform named Elgg thanks to a tweet from Twitter user jdalsem. Elgg is an open-source social networking platform on top of which businesses, schools and groups can build their own social network. It seems to be flush with features ranging from profiles with a robust news feed to the ability to generate and share content from across the web.

And now, there’s one more thing that you can do in the Elgg ecosystem.

TokBox chat is now a plug-in that can be integrated into Elgg social networks. Using the Call Widget API, Twitter user jdalsem was able to build a plug-in that allows users of a social network where the TokBox plug-in is installed to create rooms, view a list of rooms and chat in them. It’s exactly what we’re hoping to encourage as we invest more and more into our platforms. Developers who understand the value of bringing the power of video chat into the applications on which they work, build and play.

We’ve reached out to Twitter user jdalsem, and he has a TokBox t-shirt on the way! If you’ve built a customization for an open source project that you use, then please let us know.

We’re always excited to see at TokBox what people can do when they dream video chat.