TriviaTok: OpenTok meets Twilio Client

TriviaTok is a game show app designed and built by TokBox superintern, Ezra Velazquez.

How It Works:

Game is about to begin!

When the host clicks “Next Player”, a user in the audience is randomly selected and goes on screen to video chat with the host.  The rest of the audience gets to watch.  “Next Question” kicks off the game. The player can pick the right (or wrong) answer – or get help:

  • PHONE lets you call a friend (Twilio Client)
  • CROWD lets you tweet for help (Twitter API)
  • 50/50 eliminates two wrong answers (Ezra’s skillz)

Each game is 20 questions: at the end, the player can post his/her score on Facebook.

Future Developments:
Some features that might be fun to add include:

  • picking / screening mechanism for players: today it picks players from the audience at random, and the host can kick ‘em off if they behave badly
  • intelligent question-serving:  today it selects randomly from 20 pre-loaded questions (and users can submit more questions) without mixing categories, increasing difficulty etc.
  • sound effects
  • pre-event scheduling / promotion mechanics

Future-Future Developments:
We worked on this app to showcase how realtime web video and voice can create lightweight and engaging experiences, right in the browser. In the past few weeks, we’ve heard a lot from retail brands and media publishers looking to create interactive experiences with video and/or voice chat.  Our challenge is to help partners harness our two-way video platform, mash it up with interesting content or activity (or complementary APIs), and push the end-user experience beyond a simple video call.

We would love to see TriviaTok as a basis for fun (and monetizable) experiences like:

  • casual multiplayer game with in-game virtual payment for using the help buttons
  • promotional campaign for a new retail product line, movie/album or event
  • fund-raising platform (e.g., play TriviaTok with a celebrity)

For now though – it’s just for fun.  Happy playing!