Trojan Hack Hackathon

Congratulations to all the USC Trojan and UCLA Bruin Hackers who participated in the Trojan Hack!

Over the 24 hours from Friday (2/3/12) to Saturday, UCLA and USC students got into groups and hacked away on their ideas. No limits, best idea and implementation wins…

Presentation slides were frowned upon, so everyone had a working demo at the end. The demos were AMAZING!

The first place ($1000) went to

In 24 hours, they built a collaborative code editing web app. Now you might think it’s like collabedit, but it’s NOT! You can actually upload project files and libraries, code together, and then run your code!

Now to the fun part, who used our Platform???

Indirect Connections allows you to find others with similar interests. Now instead of a profile picture, why not have a video description of yourself?

Scribe used our platform to build a videoconferencing system that adds real-time speech transcription AND translation, designed to enhance conferencing experience for users around the world. Oh the possibilities! (auto text mining, event tracking, learning foreign language…)

DocTok is an app where you can have a web conference session with your psychologist/psychiatrist over the web. Why waste hours on the trip and waiting line when you just want to talk about your day? Fyi, peer-to-peer sessions are encrypted and streamed directly to each party, so it is secure.

I chose this app as the TokBox winner!

My psychiatrist in college abandoned me after I moved to SF because of distance. If he used DocTok, I wouldn’t be short of a psychiatrist.

BeatBallz gets a MILLION points for coolness. They built a game and integrated kinect and opentok together. Imagine Just Dance 3, but your dance is streamed real time to the web for your friends to watch… and also captured if they had time to use our archiving API.

Overall, really successful Event, Thanks to the organizers Ju Hae Lee and Andreas Petasis!

Come say hi and hack with us at future events! We will be at Music Hack Day, and then at SF MusicTech Summit!