TWO Winners for Week 4: Meeting Room and Walking Heads

Wow! Great week in the Developer Contest as we were inundated with submissions.  In fact, we were presented with so many that we decided to choose two winners – Meeting Room and Walking Heads.  The two applications couldn’t be more different from each other.

Meeting Room, as the name suggests, is a feature-rich meeting application that allows you to schedule meetings, create agendas, note action items from the meeting and record minutes from the meeting. Super useful.

Walking Heads on the other hand is simply pure fun. It’s a game where your video stream is the head for your avatar.  Your avatar can explore the virtual world and meet people by taking special teleporters from room to room where you can play a series of mini-games. This one had the TokBox team duking it out over a trivia game.

For us, it’s great to see the breadth of ways in which OpenTok can be used and the flexibility it is giving developers when creating their apps – everything from the size of the video streams to having the video streams moving about the screen in Walking Heads.  Interesting to see that Walking Heads used our “Push to Talk” feature too.

Now as we enter the final part of the contest, the 5 winning apps (;;; Walking Heads and Meeting Room) will be polishing up their apps to submit a final version for judging by 3/21.  We’ll be sharing the final winner on the site on April 5th.

And, rest assured there will be more contests coming your way very soon.  Stay tuned.