Introducing Video Chat Embed: Easiest Way to Demo the OpenTok Platform

At TokBox we’re always trying to find ways to improve your development experience. We pride ourselves on offering clear documentation, helpful tutorials and tools to accelerate the integration of OpenTok. We don’t plan on stopping there. 

Now, with the Video Chat Embed, you can take your proof of concept from zero to sixty with a simple copy and paste.

Why is this so powerful? As the market and demand for live video communications grows, two trends are emerging. First, developers with varied coding skill levels want to build with WebRTC. Second, developers want to be able to show off a proof of concept quickly. Enter the Video Chat Embed.

To get started simply login to your TokBox account, click “Video Chat Embeds” in the left navigation and “Create New Embed”.

OpenTok Video Chat Embed setupMake a few configuration choices for your Video Chat Embed – specify what size you would like the frame to be and what website your project will be embedded into. We’ll then generate code for you that can be added to your website in a matter of minutes.


OpenTok Video Chat EmbedAs a result, the Video Chat Embeds provide the easiest way to see OpenTok in action in your website, without writing any code. Use it for demonstration purposes or share it with testers to make sure it works as expected. You can even monitor usage statistics of your Video Chat Embed in the Overview section of your TokBox Account.

If you’d like more information about how to implement the Video Chat Embed, read our comprehensive Embed Guide

This is just the beginning. To start, the Video Chat Embed is for web only with up to three participants. As always, we want to hear your feedback so share your thoughts with us by emailing We want to hear about how it’s working for POCs, how else you may want to use it, and what additional features you’d like included.